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Nupqu is a trusted advisor to its clients in the natural resource industries. From vegetation management and invasive plant control, to full-scale forestry development, wildfire mitigation, water science, and fisheries Nupqu has a skilled workforce of 70 personnel based in offices in Cranbrook and Fernie. Nupqu also provides first aid medics and emergency transportation vehicles, as well as oversee construction site safety, procurement, and project management. Their team is anchored by a core administrative staff of project managers, accountants, business administrators and a network of subcontract partners.

Our services are further complemented by full spectrum Archaeology consulting as well as providing reclamation and remediation goods and services through our Native Plants division.

Nupqu Native Plants is a division of Nupqu.

Products and services:


  • Environmental assessment and monitoring during construction and resource development
  • Water sampling and monitoring
  • Invasive plant control
  • Wildlife, habitat, soil inventory assessment and monitoring


  • Archaeological Overview Assessments (AOAs)
  • Archaeological Impact Assessments (AIAs)
  • Preliminary Field Reconnaissance (PFRs)
  • Site Alteration Assessments & Archaeological Site Monitoring
  • Archaeological & Cultural Heritage Research
  • Public Interpretive Programs & Classroom Presentations


  • Tenure management
  • Forest planning
  • Recce, timber cruising and valuation assessment, cutblock layout
  • GIS mapping
  • Silviculture surveys and quality control
    • Planting administration
  • Danger tree assessment, tree falling
  • Wildfire
    • Treatment planning and prescriptions
    • Thinning, falling, slashing, mulching for treatment implementation
  • Vegetation management for utility corridors, wildfire mitigation

General Contracting / Construction services

  • Coordination of civil projects
  • Project management
  • Construction labour
  • Pipeline maintenance
  • Equipment provision through affiliated partners

Safety services

  • Level 3 First Aid Attendants
  • Construction Safety Officers
  • Emergency Transport Vehicle / Mobile Treatment Centre
  • Contract First Aid Training, auditing

Native Plants

  • Native Plants propagation
  • Reclamation and remediation consulting and contracting
  • Custom seed collection, cleaning and stratification

Area of operation:

East and West Kootenays, Shuswap, Columbias, Boundary, Southern and Central Alberta, Trans Canada Corridor.

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