Fortis BC, IGA and Nupqu


Fortis BC, one of BC’s largest energy providers, has chosen to use the well established Ktunaxa Nation-owned business, Nupqu, to help with environmental work for gas line project upgrades.

Nupqu completed the site clearing for the Fortis BC project, which included over 200 kilometers of gas line in the area, to cater for the implementation of state of the art in-line inspection tools through it.

Kevin Wilson, Business Development Manager of Nupqu, said they partnered with another Ktunaxa Nation-owned company called Kettle River Contracting to complete clearing work along Fortis BC rights-of-way. This prepared the sites for safe construction.

“This is a great example of how we’re working with companies within the Ktunaxa network to grow the scope of services we can offer,” Wilson said. “Nupqu is owned by the Indigenous communities that make up the Ktunaxa Nation and our mandate is to support those communities wherever we can. In the big picture, we see a future for our company as a quarterback, a prime contractor, tapping into our network and putting a team together to get a job done.”

The Fortis BC project is one of many undertaken by Nupqu that will see around 65 people, more than half of them being Ktunaxa community members, complete this project in the sectors of forestry, environmental and safety management work. The expected time for full completion is in the next five years. 

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