Backdoor Road Construction

The Ktunaxa Nation Council is currently negotiating with the proponent on cultural, environmental and economic benefits to the Nation.

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Project Status
Project Category
Project Name
Backdoor Road Construction
Project Location
Kootenay West Mine, Canal Flats, BC
Project Name
Backdoor Road Construction
Opportunity Type
Request for Proposal (RFP)
KtunaxaNation Contact

Jason Marcos Purchasing Lead, (484) 985-5252

Sean Pring, Project Manager, (403) 614-8497

Colin Smith, Mine Manager, (250) 409-4177

Opportunity Description

The Kootenay West Mine is a gypsum mine located approximately 12km northeast of the Village of Canal Flats in the East Kootenay region of British Columbia (BC). The proposed development involves concurrent mining of two quarries at a rate of 400,000 tonnes/year and a mine life of approximately 43 years. Gypsum will be crushed on-site and hauled to various destinations.

The purpose of this Kootenay West Mine project is to complete a portion of the haul road for the mine called the Backdoor. The road has been started and is in a state of partial completion. CertainTeed would like to engage with a contractor to complete the remaining road work.

The work will generally consist of:

1) Upgrade and complete construction of the KWM Backdoor Road by the end of 2023, which is surrounding the old Canfor Yard / BidCo property, based on the design created by VAST Resource Solutions Inc (VAST, August 2023);


2) Kootenay FSR KM2.6-KM2.8 requires grading, sloping, potential High Fines Surface Aggregate (HFSA) surfacing infill, calcium chloride (CaCl) application and final compaction;

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