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The Ktunaxa Ready website showcases Ktunaxa businesses to promote short and longer-term business to business relationships. 

Ktunaxa Ready makes it easy to identify Ktunaxa businesses and the intent is to provide information and contact details to simplify the process of making direct contact.

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St. Eugene Golf Resort and Casino

St. Eugene Golf Resort and Casino has announced that it will be temporarily ceasing all operations, except for the Casino of the Rockies, for the winter season. The closure will take place on Thanksgiving Monday, October 12th. “We expected to see fewer guests this winter because of COVID-19 and this decision will now allow for St. Eugene to focus and plan for what we do extremely well, and that is offering a unique destination of choice in a historic setting during the spring and summer in the Kootenays,” stated Barry Zwueste, St. Eugene chief executive officer.

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